We make refined and considered leisure wear. Inspired by our active lifestyles. Designed so you can set your own pace.

Effortless pieces are thoughtfully crafted for all body shapes, ease of mixing & matching, and allowing you to move with ease and confidence through all elements of life.
“Being born and raised in Australia has shaped who I am, and subsequently, the foundation of Jasmine Alexa. Founded upon our laidback Aussie lifestyle and active coastal culture, of sunburnt summers, blue skies that turn red at the end of the day, of backyard barbecues with friends and long walks on the beach.

It is also my European and Mediterranean roots that have too shaped who I am and how I design. These cultures are deep within me and the brand. From the way I cook, the languages I grew up hearing, the environment that I have been surrounded by, the learnings my parents taught me, it is too, fundamentally who I am and therefore what Jasmine Alexa is.”