Cie Cie + Co came about as the best ideas do, with great friends who had extra time on their hands making the most of lockdown by sharing big dreams over a glass of wine. We wanted to provide an online shopping service that was different, that was fun, that wasn't overly complicated, that celebrated all women and an experience we would enjoy!

And so Cie Cie + Co was born.

Our mission is to promote and sell products that will make you look, and most importantly feel, really, awesome! You don’t have to be loaded or under 20 years of age here to achieve the look. Fashion is for everyone, and style is not exclusive.

But if that’s not enough you can feel even better by knowing that a percentage of your purchase has gone towards a charity close to our hearts, RUOK.

We are based in Sydney, Australia but ship worldwide. 

If you have any questions, we are here for you, think of us as your friend with benefits!

Just holler out to us girl.


Primrose Park London styled with The Jacksons Bag and Cie Cie accessories