Stock up for your Euro Summer with greco-inspired fits from Pearl & Caviar

Knowing me and knowing you there is nothing that will stop fashion fiends like ourselves from giving our wardrobes a little Euro-themed summer refresh. Whether you’re looking to re-create a whimsical Mamma Mia moment or want to chase your own main character biopic. Look no further than luxury Grecian-chic brand Pearl & Caviar to dress for the occasion.

Made with Greek love and a passion to bring back to life the craft of local artisans, Pearl & Caviar takes inspiration from their ancestors in their designs. Fusing classical Greek architecture with hand-woven motifs and traditional patterns inspired by geometric shapes to bring past traditions into the 21st century. 

The luxury lifestyle label cultivates the ultimate holiday wardrobe aesthetic. To quote the brand itself  “it comes from Greece, it is inspired by Greece, it is Greece”. The brand not only uses natural fibres in their garments but is also crafted with the utmost breathable and comfy fit designs, leaving you feeling like a Greek goddess. (A design thought no doubt kept in mind when thinking how best to combat the Greek summer heat). 

So whether you prefer to chase the sun gallivanting across the islands or sitting seaside as the ultimate passenger princess watching endless sunsets by the rocks your latest Pearl & Caviar frock will have you living and looking your best. Especially if some of your go-to holiday fashion inspo flicks include; Mamma Mia, My Big Fat Greek Wedding or The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants. You’ve set your sights on the right brand!

Shop the range of billowy puffed sleeves, ruffle textures and maxi lengthed skirts to reinvigorate your love for the bright and the bold. Explore our stock of bestsellers from the;  Zakar Maxi Dress, Zakar Kaftan Dress, Cotton Short and Shrug Set, to the new in season bright blue Zakar Jacket and overly flowy Zakar Jumpsuit. 

Start your inspiration for an endless summer style wardrobe and explore this season’s Pearl & Caviar must haves for the ultimate luxury holiday lifestyle you can own today. 

Pearl and Caviar jumpsuit
Pearl and Caviar dress
Pearl and Caviar jacket

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