Green, Pink, Blue… what your colour hue wardrobe says about you!

As we head into daylight savings time the shorter days, gloomy skies and cooler weather it can often be more difficult to get out of bed, even with the help of multiple wake up alarms. Let’s face it, you’re never going to get up after the first alarm - I foresee you hitting that snooze button in your future. 

They say that fashion is an extension of yourself, so put your best foot forward with a brand that celebrates the vivid and bold, regardless of the season. You can create your own beacon of light with the wonderfully bright and lively British born label Primrose Park London. Founders Anna Park & Amy Carter created the brand celebrating refreshing colour palettes and bespoke prints to embrace and celebrate confident women everywhere. 

So let’s take a deep dive into the latest must have colours for your transeason rotation that will get you excited for your morning routine. 


The colour of nature representing new beginnings and growth. Wearing green is both bright and electric yet this down to earth and true to nature shade is a reminder that there are more exciting things on the horizon, and just like the Irish believe this good luck green will be sure to bring you and your friends some too. 


A reminder of playful and nostalgic times that brings back memories of childhood playtimes and youth. Wearing pink celebrates femininity, so assemble the gals and celebrate times with those around you that suppor  you to freely and confidently be your true self.  


Where the sky meets the ocean, wearing blue brings signs of wisdom, inspiration and serenity. Refresh your neutral wardrobe with the next best hue to slowly deviate away for your colour safe monochrome capsule collection. Take the first steps in paving the way for a refreshed and newer version of yourself that will inspire others to do the same and follow after your lead. 

Which colour will you add to cart to best help you thrive through the upcoming transeasonal period? 

Claudia xo

Did you know that Bands of L.A. contribute 50 percent of their profit on all bands sold to @safeplaceforyouth